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Articulation- Make it FUN!

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Articulation disorders and other speech sound disorders make it difficult for everyone involved. It is difficult for the child, because others are not necessarily understanding what they are trying to say, and its difficult for their loved ones that try to help them by putting extra time and energy into understanding what the child is trying to say. This can often lead to a power struggle in which the loved one tries to correct the speech of the child and the child continues to insist that they are saying the sound correctly. I have been on both side of this scenario. As a child my speech was so poor that my mother would go to bed with headaches just from trying to understand what I was saying. As a Speech-Language Pathologist I try and use that personal experience to connect with my clients and help them improve their speech. However, the greatest thing I have learned to keep stocked in my bag of tricks is FUN. I explain more about this concept in the video below.

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